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Maximal Impact, Minimal Time

Welcome to the new VESPA Coaching Portal, your comprehensive gateway to transformative educational tools and resources.
As we re-launch the esteemed VESPA Academy Portal, we are excited to introduce enhanced features designed to empower both students and educators.
Previously structured with three tiers—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—our platform has evolved.
The VESPA Coaching Portal now encompasses all the benefits of the former Gold package, and more, offering an exclusive suite tailored to facilitate impactful learning experiences.
Interactive Mindset Report

Leveraging advanced algorithms, this report is customized for each student, providing a detailed and actionable psychological profile that enhances personal growth and academic performance.

Student Coaching Tools:

Newly integrated features enable staff to conduct effective coaching sessions, complete with automatically generated coaching questions. These tools are designed not only to direct meaningful conversations but also to foster accountability and follow-through.

Accountability and Tracking:

Keep track of coaching conversations and student progress. Our interactive reports now record sessions to ensure students remain engaged and accountable for their development.

Efficient Impact: 

Designed for maximal impact with minimal time investment, our reports are concise yet powerful, enabling quick insights and immediate action.


We have simplified our Pricing
Student focused platform for managing VESPA Questionnaire and Academic Coaching Conversations.

£5 Per Student / Year

All features of our GOLD Package, plus our new Coaching Portal

Discounts for Bulk Purchases:

500+ Students - 10% Discount

1000+ Students - 20% Discount

Staff Focused platform for accessing our tutor slide decks. Designed for delivering our activities as lessons.

£75 Per Tutor / Year

Discounts for bulk purchases:

SMALL - £400 (Up to 10 Staff)

MEDIUM - £650 (Up to 30 Staff)

LARGE - £800 (Up to 50 Staff)

COLLEGE - £1200 (Up to 100 Staff)


Results are displayed in numerical and visual form, as a bar chart, making it easy to assess strengths and weaknesses instantly

Student questionnaire results are instantly displayed alongside their student and tutor reports, which can be viewed on any device or printed.

In total 3 students can undertake the questionnaire up to 3 times within any academic year.

Students are unable to repeat the questionnaire until 6 weeks after their first attempt, or at a time specified by the organisation. 


MY VESPA is a bespoke online learning platform for students, tailored for them from the results of their questionnaire.

A bespoke pastoral programme is created for students to work through independently on any device.

Student reflections are saved automatically for them to return at any point. Perfect for on site delivery or remote learning

The MY VESPA portal is available on our SILVER and GOLD packages


Our organisation reports provide insight across specific cohorts. Allowing senior leaders to implement specific, targeted interventions.

We have created a live data dashboard to view your VESPA results as students complete.